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About My Haiku Pond

~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ Welcome! Thank you for your interest in My Haiku Pond. Please allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Michael Smeer and I was born in 1963, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I consider myself a Buddhist, a student, a teacher and an aspiring poet. At a young age, I attended music school; played cornet in a marching band; studied Piano for three years -with less success-, and picked up the guitar when I was 23, which I played for nine years. I played in a few bands, and studied jazz (guitar) for several years until I could no longer combine being a musician with my career. I have been writing songs and lyrics since I started playing guitar, and poetry since the (early) nineties, which is when I published two books of poetry, both illustrated collections of lyrics & poems. I have always preferred short form poetry, but found my true passion in haiku. Haiku is a Japanese Art-form originating in the mid-seventeenth century, but since the early twentieth century, and the last decades especially, it has spread across the globe. In July of 2015, I founded My Haiku Pond (MHP), and started its Facebook community dedicated to English language haiku and all things related. MHP is now starting to become a wonderful community. At My Haiku Pond you can read, share, and learn more about haiku and all things related. It will be updated frequently -if not daily-, so be sure to make MHP one of your regular stops... I hope to meet you at My Haiku Pond... Namaste, Michael Smeer To find MHP on Facebook, go here: or use this link:

haiku – night angler

night angler…
slowly my bucket fills
with a still moon

(c) Michael Smeer